• The success story15 years of Sylter Salatfrische (fresh sylt salad dressing)

    Even 150 years ago, the Zum Dorfkrug inn was already a popular port of call for the coachmen who took a break with their guests. In 1993, qualified chef Thomas Hauschild took over the family restaurant. His desire to always offer his guests something special led to Sylter Salatfrische (fresh Sylt salad dressing), which was initially created exclusively for the restaurant’s guests. A salad sauce with a kick, free of artificial preservatives and flavours, was born. The guests loved it, took it home with them and soon the first test markets were established.

    From 2004 onwards, the Zum Dorfkrug team produced Sylter Salatfrische (fresh Sylt salad dressing) in the restaurant kitchen around the clock. Demand rose rapidly.

    In 2007, Hauschild relocated production to a modern production facility, which now enables him to supply the entire nationwide food trade. In the south west of Hamburg, a company grew up with the production facility in Zum Dorfkrug, whose employees identify with their products with pride every single day.

  • Sylter Salatfrische excellence

    Every three years, the publisher Deutsche Standards compiles a list of the top German brands in its book “Marken des Jahrhunderts” (“Brands of the Century”). Our SYLTER SALATFRISCHE was voted “Brand of the Century” in the category “Salad dressing” on 24 November 2015.

    It is thus one of those brands that are emblematic of a whole category and joins a range of brands whose names everyone knows: TEMPO “the handkerchief” or MIELE “the washing machine” are just two of the brands already awarded this title.


    In the “Culinary Lower Saxony” manufacturers’ competition our products have been awarded “Culinary Ambassador for Lower Saxony” on several occasions.

    2013 Zum Dorfkrug Rote Grütze
    (red fruit jelly)
    Zum Dorfkrug Vanillesauce
    (vanilla sauce)
    2014 Zum Dorfkrug Vinaigrette Salatsauce
    (vinaigrette salad dressing)
    Zum Dorfkrug Kirschgrütze
    (cherry jelly)
    2016 Zum Dorfkrug Karamell-Pudding
    (caramel pudding)
    2017 Zum Dorfkrug Kartoffel-Salatsauce
    (potato salad dressing)

    Top Brand 2018

    We and our “Sylter Salatfrische” have also been awarded “Top Brand 2018” 🙂


    We are committed to quality and flavour and constantly work on improving and expanding our product range. Our food retailing customers already enjoy a large selection of salad dressings and desserts.

    We have an extensive range tailored to the food industry that is especially for chefs. It is varied and fresh – from a fine selection of soups and classic stews to delicious desserts. These versatile basic products of a consistently high quality enable chefs to work both economically and efficiently thus leaving them time for creativity in the kitchen! Creative chefs can depend on the quality of the basics and therefore fully concentrate on refining their culinary craft.

    Because craftsmanship in cooking is of such importance to us, we are the main sponsor of the CHEFS TROPHY AUSBILDUNG (CHEFS EDUCATION TROPHY) an award given each year to teachers in the cooking profession who have outstanding people skills and take exemplary care of young future chefs. We would especially like to support the JUNIOR CHEFS TROPHY. Tomorrow’s culinary stars are discovered and recognized with awards in this innovative competition for apprentices and young chefs who enjoy modern kitchen management. We would like to support and partner with these outstanding minds and encourage them to stick passionately to their innovative ideas and concepts and see them successfully through to fruition.


    Passion also plays an important role in this project: as the first German women’s team, the girls from RowHHome want to compete in the “Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge” – the toughest rowing race in the world – starting from La Gomera island with the goal of reaching the port of Antigua within 30 – 90 days. In between them and this goal stretches 5,500 km of Atlantic Ocean.

    What? Rowing across the Atlantic? That sounds crazy and like intense training and huge risks, not to mention the mental and physical challenges like enormous waves and weather from every direction. It sounds like homesickness and “wanderlust” all rolled into one; like longing, a lot of discipline and recognition. It sounds like a fantastic and one of a kind adventure!

    To Thomas Hauschild it sounded most of all like courage and ambition! When by chance he met the four “girls” from RowHHome a few months ago and heard what they had in mind, he was immediately intrigued; not least because his story as an entrepreneur also involved great courage and passion. He too was no stranger to the terms “willing to take risks” and “stormy seas” when it came to bringing the “Sylter Salatfrische” to the German market in 2004 and establishing it in the refrigerator section across the country.
    So he did not have to think long to make the following heartfelt decision:
    “Zum Dorfkrug” would follow the RowHHome team and support them during their “Challenge of a lifetime” – from buying a boat to the Caribbean!
    The 8 metre long ocean-going rowboat in which the four women will set out from La Gomera in December 2019 was christened in Hamburg by Thomas’ wife, Silke Hauschild, and named “DORIS” after the Greek sea goddess. And it looks great! No wonder because our logo is on both sides of the boat ☺ We are proud to accompany the RowHHome team and wish them a fresh breeze and a following wind!
    @ Meike, Timna, Cätschi and Steffi: You can do it! We are by your side! On either side even! ☺