A strong team

“Across the Atlantic in a rowing boat”… this is the challenge that the RowHHome team wants to take up! The four ladies from Hamburg: Meike (32), Timna (25), Cätchi (32) and Steffi (50) have taken on a lot… as the first German women’s team they want to compete in the “Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge” – the toughest rowing race in the world! They will risk a lot, leave friends and family at home and embark on a journey that will push them physically and mentally to the limit. They will leave La Gomera in December 2019 in a rowing boat with the aim of reaching the port of Antigua within 30-90 days. In between are 5,500 km of open sea, weather from all directions and a unique adventure that many will envy them for. But, until then, the four of them will have to train hard. Fitness training in the morning at 6 o’clock, then off to work, mental coaching in the evening, studying for the radio test or similar things… all of this will require real discipline.

When Thomas Hauschild met the girls by chance a few months ago and heard what they were up to, he was immediately fascinated by their ambition and courage… not least because his story as an entrepreneur has been marked by courage and a great deal of passion. And he didn’t have to think long to make the following heartfelt decision: we will accompany and support the RowHHome team in the “Challenge of their Lives” – beginning with the purchase of the boat – all the way to the Caribbean. The rowing boat is 8 meters long and was built in England. It is seaworthy and looks great! That’s not surprising because our “Sylter Salatfrische-Logo” adorns the bow on both sides. She was christened in Hamburg… by Silke Hauschild, with the name “DORIS” (after the Greek Goddess of the Sea) Important: the name is pronounced in English.

The film team of CLOSE DISTANCE PRODUCTIONS is following the project and the four girls closely!
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